Friends and Family Test (June) – Patient Responses

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Shown are Kingfisher Practice’s results from Friends and Family Test, which we sent to all patients. The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) was created to help understand whether patients are happy with the service provided, or where improvements are needed. In total, we received 175 responses in June. Please see the breakdown and some of our responses below:

Very Good – 142 (81%)

Good – 30 (17%)

Neither Good nor Poor – 1 (<1%)

Poor – 0

Very Poor – 2 (1%)

Don’t know – 0

  • Dr De Silva is a professional, caring GP. She gave me time and made sure my health concerns were thoroughly discussed and relevant investigations requested. Thank you .
  • Quick and speedy service. Just an amazing surgery
  • They are my heroes, especially Dr Tina and Dr De Silva. A gold crown for those two ladies – they know how to treat a patient.
  • Very helpful – all staff including doctors very helpful and kind. They all do their best, I am very lucky I am a patient with them.
  • The staff are always very helpful. The staff always help me out with any additional information or sick certificate requests.
  • All my concerns were addressed at the recent appointment. I was happy with tests ordered and treatment.
  • I always receive swift attention when I need it. The doctors and Reception along with the nurses are kind and professional.
  • Seen in time and given a good amount of time to talk with my doctor. The receptionists are very good. Helpful, respectful and polite.
  • Whole appointment was very pleasant and informative and filled in some of the gaps in my understanding of my medication.
  • Reception man was so polite and kind. As always Dr Tina is always wonderful.
  • I always find the staff polite and pleasant like the doctors. There was nothing that caused me to have a bad experience yet thank you.
  • Fast and professional service. Very pleased.
  • I felt welcomed and put at ease during my consultation. Reception staff were helpful.
  • Dealt with professionally and courteously.
  • To get an appointment quickly (because you’re sick and want to get healthy) is difficult. No show patients are a drain on the system and should be financially charged accordingly.

Response: Thank you for sharing your concerns about the difficulty of securing a quick appointment when you are unwell. We understand how important it is to receive timely medical care, especially when you are not feeling your best. We provide a variety of appointment slots including same-day appointments for urgent cases and routine appointments, either telephone or in-person to increase accessibility. We also have remote doctors who are usually available in 1-2working days at Heart of Hounslow, so please speak to reception if you would like to arrange an appointment there.

Regarding the issue of patients who do not attend their appointments (DNAs), we share your frustration. Missed appointments represent a significant challenge as they waste valuable time and resources that could be allocated to other patients in need. Currently, NHS guidelines do not permit us to charge patients for appointments, although we are exploring other options. To address this, we have implemented several measures, including appointment reminder systems, and a policy to contact patient who frequently miss their appointments. Patients who frequently miss their appointments without notifying us in advance will receive a formal letter, which serves as a reminder of the importance of attending scheduled appointments as well as the consequences of continued non-attendance. Should a patient continue to miss appointments after receiving this warning, they will be subject to removal from our patent list. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to enhance our services.